Album Review
Label: Jade Tree
  • 4/5
Reviewed by STAFF
Why is it every time I listen to this record, and that's more than a few

early mornings, I think; that sounds like a song off the very first Soul

Asylum record and that's not a bad thing. LORDS new record, "Swords" is

good. I mean very good. It's chaotic, angry and musically played with an

intensity that's been sadly missing from what is wrongfully labeled PUNK.

Something in the water in Louisville, KY has these guys pissed off and

they're letting us know it with their short and sweet blasts of sonic angst.

The songs are just long enough for singer, Chris Owens to let the words rip

out his throat. While the other two members of this punk/hardcore/metal

amalgamation - drummer, Stan Doll and bassist, Tony Ballen - make sure that

every note and beat of every song on this powerful record penetrates your

very flesh. Who needs overpriced espresso when you can start your day with

LORDS, "Swords". Crank it up and drink it up!

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