Album Review
Plan A Project
Label: Go-Kart Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
New Jersey's Plan A Project are back with their long-awaited second full-length. In the same vein as 1999's memorable "Spirit Of A Soldier," on this self-titled record, the threesome ヨ guitarist/vocalist DJ, bassist/vocalist Danny, and drummer Paulie ヨ play highly energetic punk with anthemic choruses that basically just makes for riotous fun throughout. Just listen to the opener "Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades", "Thanks Mom, You Taught Me Well", "P.I.F.L" (check out the nod to The Clash), and the finale "Creeps Night Out". Meanwhile, "Generator" is the fastest of the dozen tracks and is great hardcore punk.

The dual vocals supplied by DJ and Danny are crazy ヨ not the most tuneful, but hey, that's punk, right? Anyway, this factor only adds to the band's appeal and youthful, vibrant sound, and fits in perfectly with their street feel. The only place Plan A Project slightly falter is on "Take Back Whats Yours", more of a crooner than anything else, which is sound lyrically, but musically just doesn't fit in too well with the rest of the record. It actually seems like it would make a better secret track. Nonetheless, don't let this little hiccup deter you, for this is an extremely solid album. Quite simply, Plan A Project combines the fun and undeniable catchiness of the Bouncing Souls with the raucous, rough street sound of Rancid.

They even include a cover of "Bombshell" at the end of the record, an addition that really reiterates how reminiscent these guys are of Op Ivy. They sure pick great songs to cover; remember their rendition of The Clash's "White Riot" on their last album? So do as Plan A Project bid you on "P.I.F.L." and "Play it fucking loud!"

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