Album Review
BellRays, The
Label: Vital Gesture Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by HeavenlyDevil
Listening to a Bellrays album is like making love to the Rolling Stones while getting your kicked in the teeth by Aretha Franklin. They have all the rock and intensity of a 60's garage band with the soulful grace and melody of a blues performer. But don't be misinformed, the Bellrays may get you to shake your ass on the dance floor, but they are also as zealous and in-your-face as a south bay punk band!

Long time fans and newcomers alike have a new collection to embrace, featuring 15 tracks previously unreleased on their full length albums. "Raw Collections" features an array of b-sides, compilation tracks and "occasional stray dogs" from 1995 to 2002.

For fans and collectors, some material may be familiar, but to have this entire collection all on one disc will certainly save us time at the turntable. And don't think for a moment that just because some of these songs were cut from a full length release that they are any less emotional or engaging than the average Bellrays' piece. Some have been part of the live act, including "I Lost the Feeling" and "You're Sorry Now." All of them prove that the Bellrays have an undeniable talent for powerful song writing and performance!

As printed in Varla Magazine, Issue 8

Copyright Heavenlydevil 2003

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