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November Kills
Label: Hotfoot Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by smalltownredemption

November Kills - Russian Roulette


A sophomore release is a tenuous time in a young bands career. There's a delicate balance to be upheld. On one hand you're a little early in your career to do a complete one eighty and new and loyal fans alike want more of the little you already have to offer. But a band should always push to do something new. Not in the poser way but to push their own boundaries and progress. This is a scale that is very easily over weighed one way or the other. Now add the completely sound changing addition of a new singer to the mix you have a real crapshoot on your hands based on courage and blind luck. Kind of like a round of Russian roulette.


For the most part November Kills dodge the bullet and bring a strongly direct contender. Dave Deceglie settles into the sound seemingly without any growing pains yet the albums main downfall is the appearance of a few scene cliche's. Innovation seems to be slightly lacking from RR but that said November Kills manage to not let this pull the album down by pulling out all the stops and making a solid album full of hooks and a more melodic and thought out approuch. Russian Roulette may not break any boundaries or even bruise the skin but it holds up on its own giving the band a strong direction for the future.


-Ben Simkins

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