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Krum Bums
Label: TKO Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup
AARGHH! Only six songs and already I want more. I don't know the KRUM BUMS first LP but the 6-song EP is f**ckin' great. From the classical guitar "Metallica" intro of "Split Tongue" to the last breath of, "Coliseum" this EP has me pounding the kitchen counter for 22 minutes, screaming, dancing and singing along with all the songs.

The KRUM BUMS got it right; Great hardcore vocals, great sing-a-long chanting back-up vocals, great guitar work and a rhythm section that doesn't know when to quit. Not a weak song in the six. Can you guess that I really like this EP?

Nuff said. Go out and do yourself a favor and buy this EP from the KRUM BUMS. Turn it up to 11 and piss off your neighbors, or they just might thank you for letting them in on the KRUM BUMS.

Hey guys. Can we get a more songs next time? I'm waiting. Until then, "Same Old Story" will get me through.

- Waxy Buildup

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