Album Review
Resignators, The
Label: Stomp Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by ChrisK
Melbourne's suburban ska-punk all-stars The Resignators, never knew back in 2005 that their infectious sound and trend defying style would take them around the world. As one of Australia's hardest working independent bands, The Resignators have played over 600 shows across the world getting any crowd on their feet and skanking to their infectious and rowdy beats.

With new friends and fans in North America, 2010 saw a return to North America for the Resignators. Recording their anticipated second full length album 'See You In Hell' with Stomp records producer Alex Giguere (One Night Band, The Beatdown) in Montreal, as well as a full national tour.

Musically the new album is what you would expect from any ska-punk disc: infections melodies, upbeat guitar strokes and the ability to get even those with two left feet up and dancing.

The 10 song disc begins with the title track, See You in Hell, an angst ridden song easily applied to ex-significant others, scene poseurs or authority in general. See You In Hell and and the second track Rage blend together unassumingly in a mix of upbeat melody. Told Me Twice is a swing infused audience participation required number that's memorable and charming. While the record continues on and each track ultimately holds its own, unfortunately the disc closes with the weakest of all, I Farken Love You. The band should have opted for a less cheesy word in lieu of farken, perhaps freaking or even the F word.

The lyrical content of the songs can be a bit empty at times but the flurry of upstrokes that populate each track keeps the record interesting and above all, catchy. For this reason alone, 'See You In Hell' is destined to be a favorite on your hi-fi in 2011.

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