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  • 4/5
Reviewed by John B.

OK. Here we go, I just got done checking out YAPO's six tunes from their new CD split with The Convicts from Boyle Heights. The CD is appropriately named "From the SGV to Boyle Heights" because these are the boys home towns in Southern California.

YAPO are vets of the SGV Punk scene but even after all these years YAPO is definitely not loosing their edge or showing any signs of slowing down... literally. YAPO's version of "Street Hardcore" only seems to be getting more fierce over time. The vocals coming from James are as brutal as his own personal history and the guitar leads just shred over powerful riffs.

Long gone are the days when these guys didn't bother to tune their guitars. This record is tighter and faster than your little sister drinking mad dog on prom night. This is a band that has a legacy in the gutters of the SGV underground music scene and this record continues to hold up the tradition.

Track listing:

1. Contradiction

2. Skybombs

3. Full of Heart

4. Blood All Over You

5. Years Of Mental Breakdown

6. F The Cop


RIYL: Cromags, Motorhead, Agnostic Front


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