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Label: Takeover Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by thebronx
Turn on your TV, flick to Fuse, MTV2, anything else for that matter. See all the crying and complaining that make you famous now days. Well, if your NearMiss wearing your heart on your sleeve and keeping it PUNK! Comes naturally. NearMiss' sophomore album "Testing The Ends of What They'll Put Up With" comes to your local store May 30th of 2006.

Fearless Records first picked up on NearMiss in 2002 debuting their first release. NearMiss picked up former members of BigWig to form this enthusiastic punk rock trio. Rolling onto lots of tour dates and showing their nonstop love for what they were doing NearMiss come to warped tour and making a big name for themselves, aswell as being on the Warped Tour compilation album witch sold 300,000 copies. NearMiss are expected to do over 200 shows to promote this album, some with ex-label mates Yellowcard.

This album is the pinnacle of everything NearMiss has tried to accomplish as artists. First track off this album "Serious Mess" opens up with a great steady beat and a screeching guitar then comes lead singer "Jeremy Hernandez" and his very grave voice. Going through this album you can really pick up on their influences weather it be Helmet, NOFX, Jawbreaker I even picked up a bit of a Sum41 theme to this even though both bands came out around the same time. Each track on this album really bounces off the next one its almost menacing, something punk rock lacks in alot of records out today. My favorite track on this by FAR is "At One Place", this lyrically sound melodic tune is a really nice track. "Searching for a piece of mind, look no further I seek the same things" repeat through the track with a nice balanced beat that is toe tapping to say the least.

Not much to say in rebuttal to album, although I do think it really could have used more upbeat tracks but that's no skin from the albums quality by any means. I have always loved Punk Rock and I feel this album is something that should be bought and kept on deck.

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