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Reviewed by Lizz

Featuring: Sugarcult, Hawthorne Heights, Hopesfall, Plain White T’s

Would it be so much to ask for me to attend a show and not be completely fucking bombarded with teeny boppers? Why is it that the lovely hard working people at Hopeless and Subcity would ever put Sugarcult on the bill with Hawthorne Heights?! Why. Why. Why. Like they couldn't have matched Sugarcult any better than this.. I fucking love my Hawthorne Heights, but Christ…
Dear all you little 12-16 year old kiddies; keep your skanking for the Catch 22 show later on in the month, not for the middle of the fucking mosh pitt. Please and thank you.

Plain White T's bored me. Hopesfall were average. Slightly entertaining. Hawthorne Heights were what I wanted to see. They also killed it, with an awesome set and a great live sound.
Sugarcult played a repeat of every show I've ever seen them perform. Good job guys, stuck in America is stuck in my flippin' head. Christ… The crowd at this show was mostly the tweens (hahaha) dressed to bus-rape the bands. A few of us were actually there for the cause and the music.

This tour is about much more than each band on the bill complimenting the next though or even what we all looked like... As much as I like to bitch about it, that really means nothing in the large scope of things. Take Action and everything it embodies has and continues to save young lives everyday. Whether directly through the CD's and the tour itself or just the ideals of what "Take Action" is all about. The people who organize the Take Action events are true crusaders against a seemingly careless government, not to mention all the various types of nay-sayers and blind-to-the-obvious type people alike. Take Action has created immeasurable amounts of awareness within the youth of our world for suicide prevention. Saving lives everyday is something to be proud of, making our world better every step of the way is something Take Action prides itself on.
That said, Take Action embodies far too much positive energy to describe in it's entirety here in this article. So for more information, please visit the following links below.
Help save a life today or regret it tomorrow.

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