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Reviewed by Lizz

Triple Rock - Minneapolis, Minnesota

This band fucking owns you. Think I'm wrong? Go see them live and they will prove my point. Bury Your Dead pulls in a crowd that definitely reflects their own force. Musically they're not so much striving for a technical style, as much as they just want to play music that brings on an awesome mosh. Did they succeed in MPLS? You're fucking right they did. The crowd went fucking nuts for these guys; especially at the end of their set when they closed the show with "Magnolia". Other songs that stuck out: "Legends" and "The Color of Money". Bury Your Dead is also featured on this year's Victory Records DVD sampler with their video for "The Color of Money" - Awesome video. Cheap price on the DVD too, available pretty much everywhere.

In case you have the misfortune of not having heard of BYD until now, we'll cover a little bit of history. Bury Your Dead signed with Victory Records in late 2002 and recorded their Victory debut release titled "Cover Your Tracks" in the summer of 2004 in about one month. BYD has been building up steam on tour ever since the release of Cover Your Tracks. This band is easily on their way to the top in the hardcore scene. I haven't heard one bad impression from anyone yet.

The band's sound contains brutality within each track. "Each song tells a different story, and most of them are a big middle finger to someone or something." and it shows. It's awesome to see a band with so much dedication and heart in the scene. Not to mention a fucking insane live set. Given the chance, I'll see these guys again any day. Nothing but fucking love for their music and their live show. Bury Your Dead will, without a doubt, be in or near your city within the next year. Get off your ass and away from your computer screen and go check them out.

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