Album Review
Epoxies, The
Label: Dirtnap Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Andre Lozoya

I picked this up after seeing a cool photo of the band on a fanzine. I don't usually buy into that kind of thing but they just looked cool as hell. Weirdos meet early new wave look. So it was off to Rhino in Claremont to find the thing. Luckily they had it (those guys have a great selection!)

Listening to it, you think of Berlin (the singing) meets punk rock ala 1977. I mean the early new wave--the new wave that flaunted its punk rock roots like Devo and Pere Ubu, not the later eighties with Flock of Seagulls and OMD. Although some of their stuff was all right, I quess.

On the record they play this old type of synthesizer that was so ubiquitous in the early 80's and it sounds great. I missed that sound! Other sounds on the album include great buzz saw guitars and drums moving quickly through the songs in a punk mode.

The songs on the album are very catchy and could with enough of a push be on the radio but I doubt if there are any talented enough execs to recognize good musicians anymore. But isn't that the truth with most of our beloved music and bands. Anyway we probably wouldn't like them anymore if they made it big.

But go ahead and buy this gem and look at other records at Dirtnap Records because I think they have some great, new and upcoming bands there. Things are happening.

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