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Raw Power
Label: Sudden Death Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
Oh my, Joey Shithead has done one helluva job releasing this compilation. 'The Hit List' is an explosive 32-track career retrospective from this pioneering Italian hardcore band (named, of course, after The Stooges' 1973 album of the same title) that's been around (in various forms) since 1981 and STILL going strong to this day, playing thrashy hardcore punk bliss a la D.R.I., Jerry's Kids, G.B.H., Gang Green, and Poison Idea. This stuff - which includes work throughout Raw Power's existence, starting with '85's 'Screams from the Gutter' up until last year's 'Still Screaming After 20 Years' - indisputably rivals the great bands mentioned above with sheer energy, aggression, and speed, though they do manage to slow things down a bit on tracks like "Make or Break" and "Fight" - quite a tough number. Still, these breaks are few and far between...

With urgent vocals, incessant riffs, and pounding drums, Raw Power's maniacal compositions are simply stellar. The only thing strange is the track order; one would think it would be done chronologically, but it's not. No big deal, though, as the band have compiled nearly an hour's worth of frantic, heavy, relentless hardcore. Listed in the liner notes are over 30 (!) releases from the inexhaustible band. Granted about 15 are comps that feature offerings from the band, but still, this is an astounding tally by any means. One is even a split with the mighty D.R.I. - that right there tells us something about Raw Power. A definite must for any fan of hardcore punk/thrash.

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