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Reviewed by Jaime Brown
Backyard gigs are the fucking greatest thing in the world. Well, maybe not the best, beer is pretty fucking good too, but its right up there with the greatest things in the world. That's why I was amped up to go see The Shrooms and La Bestia at some dudes backyard. Of course, the last time I saw The Shrooms is a backyard, it ended with 7 squad cars and a Helicopter fucking up the fun, but hey, I'm sure this one would be cool right!?!?

It was your pretty standard gig set up. The band was loaded up in the back drinking. Pucks were all around getting fucked up on the cheapest beer they could buy. Something that really tripped me out were all the flyers around the backyard for Air America Radio 1580 AM. I guess the liberals are really shooting for that 16-24 punk rock demographic. Anyways, I was thirsty so I went around the block for a six pack (I hate waiting in lines for shitty kegs). When I got back the Shrooms started their set. Its fucking awesome to see these guys live. This band the catchiest songs you'll ever here, but it's not pop-punk bullshit. Their music is truly sincere. A couple of older heads tried to start the pit up (including my fat ass), but I think the night was too young for it. It was a good mix of new shit and stuff from their Mini-Haha CD.

So the Shrooms start to wrap their set up when the rumors of cops start to circulate. FUCK, I had only had like 2 beers at that point. I cruise inside and sure enough the red and blue lights are flashing outside. Back in the yard, La Bestia front women gets on the mic and says "well, got time for one and that's it" The entire backyard circle around to watch them absolutely explode into a song. This is the first time I ever caught this band. It was fucking cool. The lead singer ran around, doing what looked like the chicken dance on speed. Pure fucking energy. They knocked out their song and quickly jumped into another as a fuck you to the cops who were ending our fun early.

Anyways, that ended early, so my homeboy and I went and got some drinks at the Crown City Brewery in Pasadena, but that's another story...

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