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  • 4/5
Reviewed by mindlessfool

Fucking Great Album

Swindle is back once again with an album that will blow your mind with their new release "This Is Not A Test" which marks their 3rd full length release. "This Is Not A Test" was released October 8th on Slowgun Records. This album is the best of the three by far. With the extremely fast guitar and bass solos played by Dave and Mike the album keeps you listening to it from beginning to end with out wanting to put it down. This is probably one of the most talented "Hardcore" band in the scene right now and this new album says just that. The 3rd song titled "No news is good news" is probably the best song on the album; Dave delivers his bass skills with a nice solo in the middle of the song. I recommend this album to any old Swindle fans or anyone who is interested in Swindle.

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