The Scene

On October 12th Swindle had an album release party at The Scene in Clairemont. A few friends and I attended it in hopes of having time to interview the band but neither the band nor I had enough time. Other bands that played were The Underminded (punk), Over My Dead Body (punk), and Bleeding Through (metal). The venue was about half full and the crowd was cheering for Swindle. When Swindle came on they opened with their new album theme "This Is Not A Test" they mainly played new songs but also went back to some older songs from their first album "Within These Walls". The show was very audience involved like most punk shows with kids going up on the stage and singing and the lead singer going into the crowed himself. The show ended up with kids in pain from the mosh pit but still standing and trying to get up to the front of the crowd and then Swindle closed with "Chaos kids" from their first album.

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