Nobody Is OK Album Review
This Is She
Label: Adamant Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Miranda Jade

What’s hotter right now than fusions?  This Is She merges alternative rock and electro in a fresh new musical fusion.  From start to finish, this ep is loud and captivating.  It’s consistently edgy enough to give depth to the pop synth and catchy enough to stick in your head all day.  The This Is She ep "Nobody Is Ok" showcases the different elements of their live performance: hard-hitting drumbeats, screaming guitar solos and dark, ethereal vocals.  Guitarist Christian Paul Meadows’s fingers absolutely fly over the strings and his solos are really impressive.  Lead singer Alana Grace has a voice akin to Amy Lee of Evanescence, but the This is She is wholly unique.  The whole sounds is tied together with synth and some dubstep/d&b.  The dub is well done.  This is especially true of the track that shares the ep title, Nobody Is Ok.  It’s that fusion!  Check out Nobody is Ok and then hop on Youtube for their innovative music videos and examples of live performance.

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