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Label: 625 Thrashcore
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Richie

This truly is the hardest, punkest album of 2003

Gees. If you haven't heard what they're doing over at 625 Thrashcore then please take a moment to really check them out. This R.A.M.B.O. release is probably one of the best finds that I have come across in years. I'll be honest right off the bat: I was shopping in the ever popular SoCal hotspot Lou's Records in Encinitas, going through the vinyl. The artwork right off the bat caught my eye, so I bought it without hesitation. I got home. I played it. Now picture this: Minor Threat covered with hot chilis and eaten, then wait 4 hours and whalahh! The best shit you ever heard. With tracks like "U-Lock Justice" and "Ian MacKaye Is My Savior, Not Jesus", I see these guys becoming one of the most sought after live bands. The LP is great and worth every penny, but the payoff comes with the CD and the added video footage that spans over 26 minutes. The show is awesome - stage antics, circle pitting, remote controlled robots, even super heroes. Fans of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Minor Threat, From Ashes Rise, or Star Strangled Bastards will be totally into this. I know I am. My highest recommendation.

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