Album Review
Cobra Verde
Label: Muscletone Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
All I have to say it that it is about time... Cobra Verde manages to pack the punch of MC5 and Stooges "rawk and rule" with some classic '70s era hard rocking pop melodies similar in style to Alex Chilton's Big Star. A strange comparison indeed, but Cobra Verde pulls it off, both in eclectic style and sonic integrity. The opening track, "Riot Industry" sets the tone of this soon to be classic disc as it points fingers, pokes fun and just opens our eyes to the media hoopla that tries to dictate our tastes and melt our souls. Raw and poetic, slick and yet raucous. The whole album moves at a mid-tempo pace and brings home the bacon with the final track "Don't Worry (the Law's Gonna Break You)". A strange and sorted tale that mixes relationship anguish with strange imagery of societies misguided and skewed debauchery (I think, I feel so confused). A classic album that dares to blur the lines between classic rock and upstart radicalism. A winner by any standard.

-Larry Lugz

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