Old Town Pub in Pasadena

Having heard from our favorite website that Beastia (formerly of Media Blitz) was playing locally with her new band, we headed down to check them out at the local dive in Pasadena. This place is like an Al's Bar in Pasadena: all grubby with scarred patrons and the like. So the first order of the night was to get tanked up quickly to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of noise. Forget about seeing the first band, it was all about getting our grooves on and fast. Sorry first band--but get a better slot next time.

Second up was Beastia and Her Bad Luck Charms. I've not seen them yet although I did a quick stint for them some time back as a bassist. No hard feelings guys for kicking me out but I've been kicked out of better bands. Huh, Johnny Cheapo? But that's another issue for another time. Huh, Cheapo.

They kicked into a hard blasting set with the drummer, George, just making an incredible ruckus. I mean a good ruckus. Man, can that guy play. Arms flaying into a blur. Rudy, the guitarist shreds too. By the way he's from the band The Brat if you didn't know. He'd probably not what me to mention that but it's my article so again: Rudy is from the Brat, that old punk band that toured with X in the late 70's and 80's. They flew through several songs blasting with intensity though not with the same song writing structures as Media Blitz. Beastia writhed in her underwear like some impaled thing refusing to die.

Lastly The White Trash Debutantes took the stage with usual class and finesse. Reeking of Hollywood days gone bad these guys remind one of some scary punk rock nightmare movie. Kind of like Sunset Blvd. meets a Russ Meyer film. They are a define crowd pleaser with a trashy punk attitude and wigs to match. They spank you, rock you and finally charm themselves into your heart. Check these guys out.

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