Alt-rock duo Primal Static deliver a potent, passionate, and genre-blending new EP.

Austin, TX-based alternative rock duo Primal Static have been going at it for near on a decade, electrifying audiences and the studio with their intense and hybrid sound that knows no boundaries (and adds a hefty dose of static per their outfit’s name). The act’s latest output, The Corrupting of The Revolution EP, will be delivered on March 15th.

Rebel Noise is proud to be hosting the premiere of this potent and genre-blending EP a day ahead of its release.

Primal Static’s two members, G.T. (vocalist, guitar) and HouFei (keyboards, bass) come from different worlds geographically, and even musically. G.T. is an American self-taught musician, while HouFei was born in China and a piano prodigy (and she studied at the famous Peabody Conservatory).

Their paths crossed, thankfully, and the result is their creation of music with a rock foundation buttressed by deep blues and cool electronics. The pair channels dystopia and dissociation on The Corrupting of The Revolution, contemplating the consequences of current division and destruction happening around the world, and the need for love and hope.

Two of the EP’s tracks have been released already as singles; the bluesy, mechanically rhythmic “Need You So Bad” and the swirling electro-punker “Velvet Crush.” G.T.’s vocals reverberating vocals are full of passion throughout the whole run of songs.

“Blister Core” seduces with a slinky strut and lead vocals from G.T. while being backed sporadically by HouFei’s lighter tone. Last cut “Soul Jacket” digs into profession-of-love blues, with G.T. pushing his vocals out into a higher range. He’s touched by flaming licks of guitar, curling electronics, and an echoed drum beat.

Primal Static will soon hit the road in support of The Corrupting of The Revolution.

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