Indie punk rock bands Two Houses and New Junk City share an energetic and emotive split EP.

Rad Girlfriend Records will be unleashing an energetic and emotive split 7” EP from indie punk rock bands Two Houses and New Junk City on August 7th.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of this rad split (with cool cover art drawn by Nick Kubica) a week before its official release.

Chicago’s Two Houses are known for their carefully crafted and melodic blend of college rock and indie punk. New Junk City are from Athens, GA and bring an expressive, rock ‘n’ roll style to their indie punk sound.

The two bands cover each other’s songs on this record, with Two Houses putting their own lurching spin on New Junk City’s “Snot A Problem” and with New Junk City giving their shining take of Two Houses’ “The Fear,” which comes off of 2016 album I Feel So Good I Can’t Stand Myself via Rad Girlfriend.

Two Houses also restlessly plow through the gritty driving, and emotive “Southbound and Down,” while New Junk City blast along with the choppy-paced, tuneful, and heartfelt “Sticky.”

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