Prog/Rock metal Brazilian band PENTRAL unleash their latest single/video “Aiming For The Sun”, in anticipation of their debut LP “What Lies Ahead of Us” out May 7

Prog/Rock metal Brazilian band PENTRAL unleash their latest single and video “Aiming For The Sun”, in anticipation of their debut full length “What Lies Ahead of Us (out May 7) which the band describes as “a concept album addressing the tragic reality of many Amazon dwellers, whose habitat, lifestyle and livelihood are brutally taken from them, not to mention the destruction of the forest itself.”

The video depicts scenes of the brutal oppression that the people in these regions live through, as well as a highlight on their determination to fight through it and find the best life for themselves in whichever way they can. It also makes clear that their options have been clearly limited by the destructive oppressive forces causing the turmoil.

Singer Victor Lima elaborates: “Unfortunately, this is happening all the time in our country and in many places across the globe. We are fortunate because we had opportunities in our lives, but many of our people didn’t have the same shots and are being butchered as well as our plants and animals and the whole environment. Inhabitants of the forest are being hunted down. This is a reality that must be disclosed and fought.”

Technical guitar playing is a clear musical highlight, as well as the solid foundational rhythm section of Joe Ferri on bass and Vagner Lima on drums. The dark foreboding elements of the song provide the perfect template for the topic being explored and presented.

For the 10 track full length “What Lies Ahead of Us”, the trio worked with legendary producer Tim Palmer (David Bowie's Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Robert Plant, Tears For Fears, Ozzy Osbourne, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam). The record was produced jointly by PENTRAL and Tim Palmer, with Sergio Fouad and Cesar Bottinha co-producing. Palmer also mixed the LP, which was mastered by Justin Shturtz (HIM, The Psychedelic Furs, Nancy Wilson, Slipnot, Tin Machine).

With the band’s strong socio-political awareness and messaging, mixed with their musical abilities and talent merging the two, PENTRAL seems to have a very bright future, not only musically but also in spreading their deeply important messaging of the oppression and destruction that is taking place in many regions of the world, Brazil being a focal point. Look for the full length May 7, and please check the links below for more info and music.

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