Pentral’s foreboding and urgent song and storytelling video decries rainforest destruction.

Brazilian heavy alternative rock/metal outfit Pentral have unleashed a potent music video for an equally powerful song that calls for a halt to rainforest destruction, not only in the Amazon, but around the world.

The socio-politically relevant track’s title “Silent Trees” foreshadows what’s to come if humans don’t stop polluting and cutting down life-giving and –sustaining (rain)forests.

The foreboding and urgent “Silent Trees” is the lead single from Pentral’s upcoming album, What Lies Ahead of Us, which arrives May 7th and which was produced by the renowned Tim Palmer (Ozzy Osbourne, U2, Robert Plant, Pearl Jam).

The narrative video follows a couple who are living in the Amazon rainforest. The woman, who is pregnant, comes across a polluted river and has visions of the indigenous people of the forest. A mysterious circle made of branches lashed together is cause for concern…

Throwback scenes of the couple in happier times flash by, where they spend time under a huge rainforest tree that protects them – literally and symbolically.

But by song’s end only the woman is shown lying back against the tree, without her beloved, but still with child…

The music video speaks to tragedy and loss, both through the unfolding plot, but also in a larger sense of the wonton destruction of that which keeps humanity and all other living things existing.



The video is meant to be the first in a continuing story, so keep an eye/ear out for the next installment.

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