We recently had the chance to catch up with Scott Radinsky of California's own melodic punk rock mainstays Pulley. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area these guys came together as schoolmates and scene comrades. The musical history with these miscreants goes all the way back to it's meager beginnings learning how to play instruments and playing songs together in the early 80s. When asked about those early childhood years in Southern California Scott says life was simple, living at home with family and going to school.  Moving to a new neighborhoold around 9 years old and the street was full of kids, one or more in every house so there was always someone to hang out with no matter what age you were. In the early days of Pulley most members were in multiple bands but over the years Pulley has become more of a comittment and the current members have no other obligations so it makes it alot easier says Scott.

They place fast melodic rock, not that grandma would know what that means but the kids seem to dig it.

Current members:

Scott - vocals

Mike - guitar

Trey - guitar

Sean - drums

Tyler - bass


I asked Scott what is worse... emo or hair metal and evidently he's got no time for either. This feature is being created for an online zine but we still like to ask folks about their feelings on digitization and the changes in the music industry. Scott is definitely still well rooted in the physical experience saying, "I still love going into a record shop digging through records, its more convienient online but i do not download songs for some reason, i think i like having the physical copy whether it be vinyl or cd's to touch and read is what excites me about listening to music."

Pulley has been busy during the pandemic releasing their EP “Different Strings” earlier this year and a double LP on SBÄM Records. You can check out their retrospective double LP "Encore" on Spotify here.

To wrap up our chat we asked Scott what his perfect day would look lik. "A perfect day would be waking up whenever I get up and having nothing to do all day, no schedule, no care of time, nothing, just go with the flow and do whatever happens,  and eat a lot, i like to eat! "

Check out the vid of their live stream this June and a couple of other old vids below thrown in for good measure.