The American duo with Iranian roots dig into a concept LP based on a century-old book.

American electronic industrial act Delusive Relics recently released the latest concept album, The Blind Owl via DO IT Records.

It’s a dark and bold LP with a narrative that was sparked by a book by Iranian writer Sadeq Hedayat, who wrote his tome nearly a century ago.

Delusive Relics created their music in keeping with the novel, including its characters and themes. The gist of the book is that a young man who is madly in love loses his beloved. In his bereft state he slowly slips into true madness.

The duo of Farhood Nik and Anis Oveisi, who are originally from Iran, offer up a compelling blend of stark storytelling and ominous to dynamic music that spans industrial music, electronic rock, post-punk, and ambient noir on The Blind Owl.




Stream/Order the album at Bandcamp:

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