LearnToPlayMusic.com announces the launch of the music-learning technology platform, Apollo-M, a revolutionary and unique on-demand, subscription-based music-learning and teaching service.

LearnToPlayMusic.com announces the launch of a music-learning technology platform called Apollo-M (Apollo-M.com). It's a Netflix-style content delivery platform which will serve unlimited lessons to the roughly 300 million people in the world who play, teach or are learning to play a musical instrument, for only $4.95/month. No other platform like Apollo-M currently exists. Apollo-M delivers on-demand content and social media networking and helps musicians and music educators by giving them all the music lessons, digital tools, and connections they need to achieve their music dreams.

What is Apollo-M?

Learn To Play Music, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years and has developed and funded Apollo-M, a revolutionary and unique on-demand, subscription-based music-learning and teaching platform for use by aspiring and professional musicians, music educators, and music related businesses.

Like Spotify is to songs, Netflix is to film and Oyster is to eBooks, Apollo-M gives millions of musicians worldwide unlimited access to thousands of book, audio and video lessons, songs, jam tracks, music tools, and digital sheet music, covering every popular musical instrument, genre, style, and experience level.

Apollo-M works online, offline, anywhere, anytime, on every major platform and device. It can be accessed through your internet browser on your laptop or desktop or downloaded as an app onto your smartphone or tablet. With unlimited access to its content library and a monthly subscription fee of only $4.95, there’s no other platform, app or online service that comes close to matching Apollo-M's combined features, functionality, and value.

With the Apollo-M website and app, music students, teachers and professionals can…

Get unlimited access to thousands of music instrument lessons with video and audio
Access podcasts, web TV shows, live concerts, bios and documentaries about learning and playing music
Purchase over 250,000 sheet music downloads, music products and accessories at a substantial discount
Play along with 3D game-like music instrument animations and get interactive feedback on how well they have played a piece of music
Practice performances with band backing tracks
Record and mix their own compositions, then upload them for others to hear
Tune their instruments and use the chord and scale finder to improve repertoire
Network with a worldwide community of music students, teachers and music professionals
Locate and connect with teachers or students in their local area or set up live video lessons
Upload, share, discuss and customize lessons and lesson plans and provide feedback to students
Share in the revenue generated from memberships and pay-per-view, user-generated lesson content

...and all for only $4.95/month, or free if you’re a teacher.

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