The Sacramento, CA-based band exude passion and power in equal measure on their dynamic tracks.

Sacramento, California-located metal band Waves Of Distortion recently unleashed a torrent of heavy, passionate, and melodic music with the release of their album Race Against Time.

Like its title suggests, the songs on the LP feature urgent vocals, pressing rhythms, and a driving pace, but all done in a heavy, yet melodic modern metal and hard rock style.

Waves Of Distortion was formed by guitarist Brennen Von Slack, who also produced the album. He’s joined by Josiah Fox (vocalist), Glen Evans (bass), and Jonas Wahlstrom (drums), and together they create a massive sound that resonates with distinct melodies amid the weightiness of the metal/rock genre.

Race Against Time was recorded right at the start of the pandemic, and is finally out now. The relevant lyrics deal with adversity in life and the need to tackle and rise above the challenges.

Von Slack reveals, “This album is about being broken down by influences such as addiction, infidelity or societal [issues]. Or, feeling broken by our own mortality, insecurity, weaknesses or self-destructive behaviors.

The key to overcoming is the realization that we all feel broken in some way and the pain reminds us that we are more than our foibles. We need to lean on each for support and work together to raise each other up.

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