The San Diego outfit just dropped their rip-roaring EP after forming in the void of 2020.

Based out of San Diego newer punk rock group Toxins is made up of veteran members of that city’s scene: Branson, Gui, Ale, Matt, and Sean.

Toxins just unleashed their latest EP, Recovery Room, on October 1st, which follows up their 2-song single/self-titled EP from this past April.

It’s a rip-roaring ride of skate punk and melodic punk rock that features blazing guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, rapid-fire drum rhythms, and defiantly exclaimed vocals.

The dynamic and aggressive EP was produced by the band members, and mixed and mastered by renowned Brazilian producer Alexandre Capilé.

The band have also dropped a ferocious live performance video of lead single “You Missed A Doozy.” Take a look and listen below:

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