The British band have signed to Atlantic Curve and will release new music starting in May.

Leeds, England-based indie alternative/post-rock band I Like Trains have consistently delivered rich and exploratory music that has gained them a wide fanbase and critical acclaim.

The band, however, have been on an extended hiatus, and only recently return to the music field as a top signing of new record label Atlantic Curve.

The label is part of a new international group of record companies under the auspices of Schubert Music Europe GmbH, with international distribution through The Orchard.

A reinvigorated I Like Trains will be releasing their fourth studio album via the label, and ahead of that they’ll bow a new single on May 6th.

I Like Trains singer David Martin comments, “We’ve been away for a while, so it feels good to be coming back with fresh energy and to be here at the start of something new in the form of Atlantic Curve. We're delighted to have a new home and look forward to seeing where this journey… the whole team will take us.”

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