Cryptic and dreary sounds create an intense atmospheric landscape on Air Hunger’s „F-I-X-E-R”.

Single/Video “Felt Like Dying” from the solo debut album „F-I-X-E-R” by Air Hunger, is an intense, surreal, and cryptic voyage into the mind of songwriter Dawid Schindler of Wrocław, Poland. It is as if you are transfixed and brought somewhere else. The video starts with the camera slowly getting closer to the back of a man sitting at a table in a small apartment. As you get closer you see the back of his shirt reads “Do I look like a fucking people person” while you hear him sing “Am I growing? Trapped with chardonnays and pills / I'd rather fall In love with your mouth and skin / But I feel like dying / Yeah it feels like dying” – the dread and longing heard clearly in Schindler’s desperate rasp. The imagery is incredible in the video as a clear narrative develops. I won’t spoil it so I’ll let you take a look yourself, but suffice to say it provides the perfect visual to the sad, desolate and desperate sound of this track.

The rest of the album continues the cryptic feel. Schindler has a knack for being able to create melody over distant sounds and chord changes, so you never get lost from the song underneath the layers of distance and reverb. His use of sound is selective and effective, furthering the atmosphere created – consistent but unique to each song. Overall this record provides incredible landscapes of sounds, while exploring dark and desolate emotive points of view.

“F-I-X-E-R” has just been released via Stellar Frequencies on cassette July 9, with an exclusive design using photos and collages from the talented Monika Kmita. Stellar Frequencies makes incredible limited run, handmade cassettes. You can purchase one here.

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