Washington state punk rock trio Let Me Downs unveil a tuneful and propulsive music video.

Hailing from, yes, Tacoma, Washington, punk rock three-piece Let Me Downs will have their debut album releasing on July 16th.

The new LP, fittingly titled Tacoma Is For Lovers, comes from a band that formed relatively recently - in 2019, before the pandemic hit a year later.

It’s been a rocky road for members Paul Levesque (bass, vocals), Garrett “Stump” Guadiana (drums), and Pat Hall (guitar, vocals) – and the highs and lows are documented on their personal and heartfelt full length.

Levesque had relocated from Phoenix, Arizona to Tacoma when he decided to start up Let Me Downs. He reached out to Guadiana and Hall and after just a few rehearsals, they knew they had something special and they put it down on record.

There was one catch though: Levesque had to suddenly move back to Phoenix! This didn’t deter the trio, however, and they moved determinedly forward with crafting their music, with Levesque recording bass and vocals in Arizona, and Guadiana and Hall recording in Washington.

The result is an energetic and emotional outpouring that keeps the spirited part of punk rock alive and adds melodic compositions to the mix.

Levesque reveals, "This record definitely means a lot to me. I wrote most of these songs when I was going through a real tough time in my life. A lot of life changes happening. Still pulls on the heart strings a little bit whenever I play or hear the songs.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the music video for the title track today.

“Tacoma Is For Lovers” is a tuneful and propulsive number that blasts forth with gritty guitar drive, loping bass line, and smashing drum strikes.

The track is packed with nostalgic lyrics and passionate vocals that burst out with tiers of supporting harmonies.

The music video is both a performance showcase for the band and a storyteller that recalls days spent at the beach with a loved one and hanging out with friends for a backyard BBQ and beerfest.

Pre-Order Tacoma Is For Lovers (limited vinyl and CD) and merch: http://www.kaosmerch.com/letmedowns/



Upcoming record release show:

Saturday, July 17th – Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, AZ

w/ Madd Dog Tannen, Reason Unknown, and First or Last

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/884065665489550/




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