Even though it may appear to be too late, the time for change is now - Take action to stop divisive demagogue Trump from taking US Presidential office.

...and I/we wake up to the infuriating headlines of the day (and most likely the next 4 to 8 years!) that Trump and the Republican party are planning to overturn a majority of President Obama's orders - to erase - backtrack on - destroy the past 8 years of improvement - progress - development in the US...

...and renowned scientist Stephen Hawking issues a dire warning on the fate of the Earth, calling for an end to divisiveness, nationalism, isolationism, and economic inequality (via Brexit, Trump, the Republican party) in order to save ourselves and the planet...

...and I suppose it is with a hopeless hope that I long for a change in the US presidential election results.

From what I understand, there are only 3 ways this can happen (and slim chances at that): that the vote recount(s) discovers tampering/hacking and really Clinton won the Electoral College Vote, a large number of the Electoral College voters change their vote to Clinton (or more likely to a different Republican candidate) on December 19, or Trump's head explodes (It wouldn't be his heart, since it seems like he doesn't have one.) from one of his enraged rampaging tirades.

Since the vote has passed, some of the next steps you can take to stop Trump from taking US Presidential office are to sign the Change.org PETITION 'Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19' and in the words of the creator(s) of this petition, take action in the following forms: write letters, make calls, protest, share info, distribute info, and talk to people.

Lyrically resonant and timely "No Guns No Guns" by Mirah: