The London-based outfit releases doom-laden Auburn Rule via Holy Roar Records.

London-located post-metal/noise rock band Wren released its dark and stormy album Auburn Rule on July 14th via Holy Roar Records.  The LP was recorded at Holy Mountain Studios by Misha Hering (Memnon Sa) and produced by Brad Boatright (Beastmilk, Fucked Up, High On Fire).

Wren dropped its debut EP back in February 2014 and has steadily been gaining recognition for its heavy, bleak, and abrasive sound.  The band has battled through line-up changes and geographical relocations, but remains unbowed in delivering music full of sludge and doom.

The band unleashed the Host EP last year, has toured in support of Kowloon Walled City, Ohhhms, and Bossk, and performed at select music fests like Carefully Planned and Incubate Festival, with an appearance at Raw Power set for later this year.  Outlets like Invisible Oranges, Decibel, and Metal Hammer have all raved about Wren.

Auburn Rule calls to mind experimental, massive soundscape acts like Neurosis, Jesu, Amenra, and Old Man Gloom, moving through vast stylistic terrain and influences including the post-metal and noise rock genres.  Visceral instrumentation and vocals merge with atmospheric moments of ominous to ethereal reflection.

The band comment that on Auburn Rule, “Lyrically, each song is knowingly vague, and throughout… there is rarely one idea that can be summarized from each song or passage - What is more common in our work is a collection of our scattered thoughts and incomplete musings."




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