The Chicago-based band slash their way through a menacing and hard-hitting new record.

Chicago-located metalcore outfit Capital Vices have unleashed their menacing and hard-hitting new Zenith EP this past Friday. Filled with harsh vocals and bludgeoning sounds, it signals another heavy entry in the metalcore realm.

The five-piece's name derives from the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins, but on their EP they tackle the zodiac, releasing songs that are titled after astrological signs. It's the first record in a 2-set series of EPs that focus on astrology.

Zenith follows up Exit Here from 2018 and shows where the band stand now during the pandemic that has turned so many lives upside down. The uneasy feeling runs through all the tracks that feature clean and growling vocals, slash 'n' burn guitar jags, abyssmal bass lines, and emphatically struck drums.

The band members are hard at work on their second EP in the series, which should see the light of day this summer. Stay tuned!


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