The multi-talented creative releases a video for a track that harks back to Noughties pop-punk.

Touring guitarist, solo music artist, actor – Dre DiMura is a person of many talents, and all of them expressed in bold and potent form. Both ear- and eye-catching, DiMura is currently on tour with Diamante (opening for Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Underoath).

The L.A.-based creative recently released a video for his second single, “Drunk at a Funeral.” If there was ever someone to add the “fun” in funeral, it would be DiMura. He stumbles down a suburban street, his face mascara-streaked, clutching a champagne bottle and a bunch of red roses, and exploding with defiant attitude through the vid (looking like a hot mess cross between early Courtney Love and Cabaret-Alan Cumming).

DiMura unsteadily sways to and fro from his alcohol intake, with nowhere to go after someone he loves dies intentionally in a car crash. News of the death pushes him to the edge, so he gets high to try to touch the unreachable sky…

The narrative track was produced by multi-platinum Finnish producer Jukka Backlund and showcases DiMura’s cheeky lyrical and sonic esprit as he alternates between seriously driving and serrated pop-punk and breaks of symphonic pop flourishes, lo-fi bedroom synth-pop beats, and sweet bird twitter (well, okay, in the video at least).

It’s a fine line between relatable drama and melodramatics, but even when DiMura goes into the redline, it’s always an entertaining ride.

Stream/Purchase “Drunk at a Funeral” here:

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