“This is a song about those who, in our opinion, make profit on all wars in the world. It’s about those who, for the sake of their dirty, cruel intentions, are ready to bang peoples’ and nations’ heads and who never stops on this terrible way “, - says Dmitry Spirin, the frontman of Tarakany!

"We do not live in a vacuum, so it often happens the topics for our songs come from the environment. "What can I change?" is not an exception. This is our response and our position to the war in Ukraine (in particular) and any other wars on the planet Earth."

Only in the Russian-speaking countries the video has assembled over 200 000 views on YouTube for the first month. Right after the premiere it was supported by the leading liberal media of the CIS. The song is in Russian but the clip on YouTube has English subtitles as well.

Both the song and the video were included in a new hits compilation "Best of the Best: 25 years" (mastered for iTunes) dedicated to the anniversary of the band.

TARAKANY! is a Russian punk rock band existing since 1991. 13 LPs, first positions in national radio charts, tours around CIS, Europe and Japan. In 2005, the band toured with the drummer of the legendary Ramones under the guise of “Marky Ramone and Tarakany!”.

In 2014, the band released their first US edition “Russian Democrazy” which included songs featuring Anti-Flag, Useless ID and Frank Turner.

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