NYC-based indie rock/avant-garde singer-songwriter Elisa Flynn reveals a fiery new tune with thought-provoking lyrics.

Raised playing piano in New York City, Elisa Flynn found an early love in punk, which led her to pick up a guitar and join the punk scene, and then to participation in the local underground avant-garde music-making scene.

After spending quality time in experimental bands in NYC and Connecticut, her new album The World Has Ever Been on Fire shows her applying those dynamic energies throughout its 10 rock, dance, and folk songs that can’t be tagged by a single genre. 

It’s this singular vision of apocalypse pop, played like a specter of the future through a mix of melodies and instrumentation from many different eras, that helps make it so intimately, strangely seductive. These are new murder ballads and love songs that sound both bracing and ancient, contemporary and urgent.

Flynn explains the story behind second single “Sugar”, which Rebel Noise is excited to premiere: ““Sugar” was written after the dissolution of my first marriage. It's about fear, destruction, cutting and running. The ‘red hand’ lyric is a reference to Nick Cave's “Red Right Hand.” It also references Hamlet at the end “we sugar o'er the devil.” We keep up relationships that are unhealthy, sugaring over and covering up the bad to keep up appearances.”

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