UK alt-rock/indie punk band Healthy Junkies drop a driving pop-rock track from their upcoming LP.

London-located, but nearly constantly touring alternative rock/indie punk band Healthy Junkies are gearing up to release their new album, Forever On The Road, on October 14th via Banana Castle.

The aptly titled LP runs like the soundtrack to Healthy Junkies’ tour of the U.S. in the fall of 2018; full of unbridled energy, excitement, and enthusiasm - and a dangerous allure.

Healthy Junkies recently released the lead single “Last Day In L.A.,” and its accompanying video which captures the chaotic spirit of the band and their live shows.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the second single, the melodically pop, yet still gritty and driving rocker “Tricky Situation.”

The timely lyrics tackle a missed intercontinental love (or maybe just lust?) connection due to “US immigration” and a “bloody revolution.” They lyrics can be interpreted in various ways; one being the heightened and tightened rules for traveling into the U.S…

Healthy Junkies are the darlings of the indie college music and underground scene and they aren’t afraid the mix up genres into a highly potent aural cocktail – blending bits of punk, rock, pop, and Goth for a refreshing sonic tonic.

The band is composed of Paris-originating lead singer Nina Courson (lead vocals, songwriter), Phil Honey-Jones (vocals, songwriter, guitars), Dave Whitmore (bass), and, for the recording Forever On The Road during lockdown, an anonymous American drummer.

Honey-Jones takes on main vocal duties for “Tricky Situation,” exclaiming heartily amid the charging guitar crunch, low-end bass line, and kinetic drumming. His direct vocals are lifted up by Courson’s candy-coated harmonies that glaze the chorus sections.

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