The London-based outfit keep it direct with a penchant for raucous riffs and catchy hooks.

London-located rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Heat Inc. released their self-titled debut EP earlier this spring, and it’s meant to be cranked to the max to fully enjoy their direct and fiery tracks.

The EP came out via Melted Dino Records and is packed with raucous riffs and catchy hooks, as well as intense emotions.

The 5-song record melds gritty garage rock with more aggressive hard rock, with singles “Your After Love Song” and “Raptors” showcasing each of these facets.

Jon Dodd (vocals), Nicolas Rigot (bass), Maurizio Vitale (drums), and Marco Simoncelli (guitar) go at it no-frills style, like the classic rock acts that they admire.




Purchase The Heat Inc. at Bandcamp:

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