The New Zealand-based outfit have also dropped a couple of dynamic lyric/playthrough videos.

New Zealand doesn’t often get its due in the annals of music history (with the main exception being the Flying Nun record label and its illustrious roster).

Into that vacuum charges a thrash/crossover metal band named 3000AD. They’ve unleashed a mammoth slab of hard-hitting music in the form of The Void, an album that takes no prisoners that attacks with a heavy and speedy metal and punk fury.

The potent LP is the debut full length from 3000AD and it takes listeners on a grim trip into the dystopian future where civilization as we know it is on the edge of extinction.

Hellmore Bones (lead vocals, drums), Sam Pryor (guitar, backing vocals), and Scott Austin (bass, backing vocals) create an earth-quaking ruckus on The Void, which barged into music arena via Total Metal Records earlier this year.

Fans of bands like Slayer, Exodus, Sepultura, and Municipal Waste will find much to admire on The Void.

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