A short guide to Salvation Jayne’s new remix EP

Black Heart - Saint Agnes remix:
A massive slab of industrial-tinged chaos, mixed with dark electro elements. Like a madman's lullaby.

Juno - The Pearl Harts remix:
European style electro, mashed up with huge fuzz tones to create a banging dance stomper.

Coney Island, Baby - SKIES remix:
Down-tempo and ultra-cool indie vibes combine with a vast anthemic and emotive chorus to create an epic remix that hits you right in the feels.

Cortez - Violet Vendetta remix:
Dance, NOW! An absolute thumper of a remix, combining some Euro-style dance elements with crushing fuzzy instrumentals. As if Faithless took part in an alt-rock night.

Tongue Tied - Fuji Hideout remix:
90's all the way. Underworld met up with Was Not Was and threw some big guitars into the mix!

Jayne Doe - Tiiva remix:
Chilled, fun, and ambient vibes that take you on a trip that builds to a massive DJ Shadow-style crescendo.

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