Underlined Passages Video Premiere and record release

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the new video “The New Sincerity” from Underlined Passages, off their new record Neon Inoculation.

The track is atmospheric and has elements of dreampop, shoegaze and 90s indie rock, a vibe consistent with the rest of the record, but “The New Sincerity” sounds like a single - it stands out with its moody melody play, interspersed with reverb drenched percussion and droning keys.

The video has swank 70s vibes and imagery that help set the mood for the abstract and trippy feel that is also somehow soothing at the same time. Check “The New Sincerity” here:

Regarding Neon Inoculation, the band explains: "There are two versions of the record - a "Mixtape" version that we have set up like an old-school mixtape with interludes (YouTube version) -and a regular digital release but lacking all the interludes/bagatelles. We want people to experience the YouTube version because that is how we intended the record, but alas we live in a Spotify world!"

Check the full "Mixtape" version here:

Or you can check out the record and support via bandcamp and spotify.

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