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Label: No Idea Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
Canada's Deadsure are on fire with their lengthy six-song EP 'From Your Head to Your Sacrum', pounding out one cerebral post-hardcore masterpiece after another. Many songs, most notably the opener "The Best Stomachs", the following track "Oh1/Oh2", and "I Am Southwest", have an avant-garde, moody feel with meandering basslines and unexpected guitar parts, kind of reminiscent of bands like From Safety to Where and Sparta. These three aforementioned songs feature slower tempos, but are still impassioned with sporadic screams and bursts of energy thrown in, keeping the listener on his/her toes.

Alternately, heavier songs come in the form of the true standout of the record ヨ the extremely powerful "High Maintenance" and the final offering "Never Chop Your Rope!", one of the quicker compositions included on the EP. The true anomaly, however, must be "Fortune", which is extremely subdued for the most part, until after the two-minute mark when some momentum starts to finally build with the onset of some forceful instrumentation, but rather than taking it to the next level of intensity, the guys interestingly surprise the listener again by finishing the song sans climax.

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