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Sleeping, The
Label: Victory Records
  • 5/5
Reviewed by thebronx

First glance at The Sleeping and zooms through your mind is "PRETTY BOYS" well, take that thought and put it where you want. The Sleeping are an in your face rock band that really takes well to the listeners. Taking their grungy and quiet nice blend of hardcore meets the sweet side of things this Long Island band has big footsteps to follow seeing as how a long line of great bands have paved a path way for them. Brand New, TBS to name a couple have really started something in Long Island, NY and that being great music and a great blend of hard and soft rock.


Salvatore Mignano (bass) and Cameron Keym (guitar) had this idea, make something that sticks and something that was different from SkyCameFalling. After drugging the rest of the guys into joining they had something going. After putting out a full-length album "Believe What We Tell You" they caught the eye of Victory Records who immediately seen how great they were as a band and signed them. In 06 The Sleeping began recording their next record "Questions and Answers" with Michael Burnham.


This brings us to the record, this heart touching album can take you from devil horns to breaking out your lighters from song to song. Which always amazes me that something as simple as that can make or break an album for lots of people. There is no holding back; it simply takes aim about what is on their sleeve and in their hearts. Ideally this album has some pretty great songs on it and nothing I could really come to think of that I didn't like about it.


My favorite song on this album by far was King Of Hearts; this song kind of reminded me of first record of Taking Back Sunday but simply blew that out of the water. If you think about it after listening to this album you tend to see a theme in it, there is something about this album in particular that makes you want to re-listen to it and catch all the lyrics (if you didn't cheat and read the inside cover). Progressing from track one to 12 this album is by far one of the best albums I've heard since Underoath ヨ They're only Chasing Safety.

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