Album Review
Label: Liquor and Poker Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
Those boys in Nebula take off where Fu Manchu stop. They take the heavy sludgy dirge of the stoner rock cult and add a bit of MC5 and a spacey Hawkwind vibe to create a harmful if swallowed dose of pure ROCK! Ballsy and maniacal, each song spirals you deeper into the sonic dungeon of your minds eye. You will dig the heavy hand riffing in "The Way to Venus" and love the strange trip jamming of "Strange Human". Psychedelic at times even a bit over caffienated at others. This is the sound track to the next crazed out truck driving freeway fiasco. The songs may be long, but there is never a dull moment captured here.

-Larry Lugz

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