Album Review
Bullet Treatment
Label: Basement Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Larry Lugz esq.
What more can I say? Huge spoonfuls of old-school So Cal punk (Circle Jerks, Stains, BLA'ST) mixed with adrenaline pumping east coast attack (Ugly Americans, Negative Trend) bring this platter to the table ready to eat with tons of spice (of the scorching hot variety). Yes, its aggressive, but far from generic. It may have its roots firmly planted in the old-school, but it definitely keeps its eyes focused on the future. Its punk as fuck and carries on the flames of the early hardcore years to further feed the fire and keep the music alive. Mega props to "What's Your Problem", a high energy rant of middle class piss, tension and angst. Who are these guys anyway? And why the hell aren't these guys headlining the Warped Tour instead of all that radio friendly fodder all the young punks are being force fed? By and large, this is a gift from the punk gods above, proving there is still hope for us yet.

-Larry (buy me a Guiness) Lugz

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