Album Review
Control, The
Label: Go-Kart Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
After putting out a s/t full-length and 2 EPs, Buffalo, NY's The Control released 'Glasseye' in the fall of 2003 ヨ a truly great record (dare I say their best?), which makes it all the more saddening these guys called it quits last September. They play passionate, brutal hardcore punk with an underlying melodicism that is reminiscent of the great From Ashes Rise (this comparison is also partly due to frontman Kevin McElligott's frenzied screaming vocal style similar to that of Brad Boatright).

The Control kick things off right with the scorching "Anthill" and rarely back down after this point. I say rarely because sporadically, they DO stray from the ferocious hardcore norm by adding bits of different styles and tempos - elements like the affectingly slow guitar intro to "This City" and the moody, slightly mellow instrumental "Tape 342".

Though all 10 tracks are noteworthy, the top picks on this album have to be the ones that have the greatest sense of urgency: the frantic "Real Bright" and "This City". "The Forgotten", a song off the EP of the same name is quite good as well, as it opens with a harrowed scream leading into crushing guitars and tempestuous drums. "Autofocus" is worthy of attention not only for the sheer intensity of the music, but also for its lyrics pertaining to the lamentable Big Brother phenomenon, with satirical lines like "If you've got nothing to hide, then why do you need privacy?" Overall, this is just a fine release.

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