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Label: Floodgate Records
  • 2/5
Reviewed by thebronx
With a warm online welcome and tucked snugly next to MXPX singer Mike Herrera, the Pittsburgh band Transition have come to the eye of Floodgate Records. Transition is unlike a lot of bands these days; Transition is an upbeat band, with a shiny coat of optimism. These guys are wanting to take what they have learned so far in their life and sing their lungs out about it.

Catchy, Poppy, and Snappy only begin to describe the sound of this group. Transition showing their passion for what their doing and showing the world what their all about you can really see MXPX influence on this album. All starting off with track one 'Excusable' this song really pulls you into this album and wants you to keep listening for more. Although I do really like this album and this type of music from time to time, I do think it has hit its limit and comes off as a bit redundant. What can you expect from a group whose' main consensus is to keep it positive and keep you locked in your seat.

Transition is the not the first to do this, MXPX, POD are just a couple of examples of bands who dare to keep it real. Transition is a band I had heard of before I got this album.

I do suggest you pick up this album and give it a listen. It flows really well from song to song and it's something that would keep you movin in your chair.

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