Morning Midnight
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Morning Midnight bring on the feels as the chorus bellows “We never found Paradise” on their newest single

When a band’s entire bio is “Song’s to cry in the shower to”, I’m in right away. Bring on the misery. The Glasgow duo of Morning Midnight bring a sound that is folky and at moments reminds me of everything from Neutral Milk Hotel, The Decemberists, Rocky Votolato, Death Cab For Cutie to lots of other good early 2000’s indie folk stuff. In their new track  “Paradise” it’s easy to hear the emotion with every word in the vocal presentation. What I also really like about this is the recording is very natural sounding like you are sitting in the room listening to this band. The song also builds nicely with little hints of guitar overdubs and female backing vocals all the while a steady back beat carries the whole thing.

As vocalist Jordan Scott quietly sings “We never found paradise” with the beautiful backing vocals of Jess Pascal you will get exactly why their Spotify bio says “Songs to cry in the shower to”. It’s just haunting. As the track comes to an end a violin brings a touch of Celtic feel to the overall song. This track comes from the bands newest album which will be here in October 2022, ironically titled “Happy Hour”. I for one can’t wait.

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