New Death from Corpsessed Album Review
Reviewed by Damon

The delicate sound of beautifully engineered death metal.

Finland’s Corpsessed wheel out a new maggot-filled slab of 90s death metal on April 22nd. On Succumb to Rot, the band adds to its catalog eight more songs of the writhing dead. Hear the guitar picks flick up and down mightily; register the restless-leg syndrome of the drummer thumping down the seconds that lead you closer to the grave. But what registers for me most is the intestinal vocal, belching sequences of words that are more reminders than thought. What do they remind you of? Death. And metal.

I enjoy the production and guitar tone on this album. Succumb to Rot comes out via Dark Descent Records, and the band anticipates releasing a vinyl edition later in the year. Vladimir “Smerdulak” Chebakov created the artwork—the cover depicts a vaguely human abomination meeting his gruesome demise on the tar sand wasteland. And that reminds you to have a little fun.

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